Falling in Love with Your Process of Differentiation


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In today's episode, I'm joined by Vaness Henry, who's a 6/2 Ego Manifestor, entrepreneur, producer, and writer known for heartfelt, impactful translations in the shamanic arts, astrology, and Human Design. Her gift of translating esoteric poetry into practical language is exemplified in her teachings on Variable and integrating the wisdom of Human Design in how she shares about her personal experiences. She is a leader in the Human Design community who has had a massive impact on my own journey.

  • How caring for yourself shifts after your Saturn return
  • The importance of your environment in being able to nourish your form
  • The Channel of Logic and how it lead Vaness to discover a pattern related to cancer and chronic illness
  • Randi's experience with Calm Touch Determination, Taste Cognition, and Valleys Environment
  • Signs in your Human Design experiment that you're ready to explore Variable

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