How Authenticity Attracts Your Twin Flame | With Isaiah & Sage


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Your True Self and authenticity are highly magnetic to your Twin Flame.
Isaiah and Sage both discovered that they were transgender while on their Twin Flame journey. When Sage claimed her True Self as the Divine Feminine in her Union, Isaiah almost instantly joined her in the Twin Flames Universe community. As they continued aligning with who they truly were and became closer to themselves within, they inevitably grew closer to each other externally. Until finally, they discovered they were true Twin Flames.
In this Episode, they share their transition and self-discovery journey with us. They talk about what it means to align with your True Self, what they’ve learned along the way about finding their True Self, and how The Teachings of Union have helped them to come back to who they really are and thus attract their true Twin Flame.
At Twin Flames Universe, you have everything you need to permanently heal separation from your Twin Flame and achieve your Harmonious Union. The journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) is a science and a process that we are here to help you master for yourself.
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