Distance Can't Stop True Lovers! | With Madhu & Valentina


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“It’s like the feeling you get when you look in the mirror, but it’s a different reflection that you see.” This is how Valentina described looking into Madhu’s eyes for the first time. It felt natural and familiar to her.
Madhu and Valentina are true Twin Flames, living on opposite sides of the globe: Valentina is from Scotland, Madhu lives in India. They met online in the Twin Flames Universe community and, after applying the Teachings of Union, recognized each other as true Twin Flames. Their Union shows that no matter the distance or obstacles that seem to be in your way, nothing can stop you from uniting with your Twin Flame. Faith and dedication to love truly move mountains on your Twin Flame journey.
As they are working on their final steps to move in together in India, they joined us for Episode 10 of our podcast to share their story with us. Find out how they met and came into Union, and what their journey of healing and conquering all obstacles to physical Union has been like.
At Twin Flames Universe, you have everything you need to permanently heal separation from your Twin Flame and achieve your Harmonious Union. The journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) is a science and a process that we are here to help you master for yourself.
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