What A Relationship With The Twin Flame Is Like When Balanced


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with your Twin Flame once you are finally united? While this is one of the most commonly asked questions Elle receives, she explains that it is rooted in your fear-based energy. On today’s episode, Elle decides to answer this question not to encourage your fear-based energy, but rather to help provide the clarity you need to be with your Twin Flame.

According to Elle, the ONLY way to be with your Twin Flame is to come to a state of balance. In the first season, Elle referred to this as the “meh” stage. In order to cease the push-pull energy between you and your Twin Flame, Elle explains that it is necessary to come to an energetic space of “meh.” Once you have learned to neutralize your energies, you will quiet your fear-based energies and open your soul to experiencing true love. Above all else, Elle wants listeners to know that once you are balanced, the Twin Flame relationship will not feel how it once was. You will replace the feelings of highs and lows with peace and completeness. It is only here that you can be with your Twin Flame, if you so choose.

Tune into this week’s episode of Twin Flame Truth® to learn how to balance your fear-based energies, and free yourself of obsessive thoughts so you can live a life of infinite opportunities, whether that includes a physical relationship with your Twin Flame or not!


• “The high feelings, especially regarding your Twin Flame, is what we as humans have been misled to believe and associate with love.” (06:45-06:57)

• “Love cannot exist where there's fear and vice versa. Fear does not exist where there’s love. They are mutually exclusive. They cannot be in the same space at the same time.” (07:26-07:33)

• “If you're still on this journey looking to get back to where you were with your Twin Flame at one time, that amazing high feeling that you had before that awful low, it's not gonna happen because there cannot be highs and lows.” (14:23-14:39)

• “Meh is true love. And love is unconditional and non judgmental, it's acceptance.” (21:21-21:29)

• “Once you balance, you have infinite options in every moment because you're no longer bound by your obsessive thoughts in your mind, you're free of all of that.” (25:08-25:15)


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