#35 - Do We Still Need Each Other?: Shifting norms of responsibility and ownership


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In this episode, the TRS team discusses many topics centering on emerging social structure in Native families. In Part I, the conversation emerges from a discussion on family names while shifting to the phenomenon of the "keeper". Importantly, the issue of cultural responsibilities resting on the knowledge of a single individuals creates potentially problematic issues with cultural transmission. In addition, superstitious are touched on as a source of ambiguity in relation to cultural understandings.
In Part II, the team continues by exploring how the idea of sovereignty operates in Indian Country. The team takes the discussion of sovereignty from the angle of Treaties and how these mixing of legal traditions have potentially skewed person-to-person relationships and further person-to-landscape relationships and traditions. The important questions is raised asking "Are people more important that the land?" This simplified look does not take into consideration the complexities involved in all matters of history and relationship but explores how our need to maintain tribal connections in the past may have been stronger than present day.
Stay listening near the end to hear Shandin's Southern inspired TRS commercial and Aaron's Blood Tribe inspired promo. Also introduced is TRS Quick Topics!
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