4 | Scarcity, Perceived Value and Taylor Swift: 3 Levels to Consider


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Hey! Welcome to Toward Creativity - a podcast by Benjamin Harding - that's me. You can find me on instagram at bhardingmusic and on my website at benjaminharding.net.

Toward Creativity is a podcast where I explore the inspiring world of creativity. In participating in this learning journey, I hope to also serve as a guide in conversations centered around tips, tools and strategies towards building a sustainable creative career.

Let’s get to it!

This episode is brought to you by affiliate programs that you can find on my website at benjaminharding.net under the tab gear. I love these companies and have benefited greatly from their products and services. So go to Benjaminharding.net and click on gear and take a look at some great products from Skillshare, Cunningham Piano and Open Studio Jazz. Let’s get into today’s episode.

Today I want to build you up and encourage you. That’s my goal and objective for today’s episode.

My friend, there is only one you and you are uniquely made for creative work. Whether your discipline is in music, art, graphic design, theatre, composition, writing - you are uniquely called and qualified for the work that you produce. There is only one of you and there will only be one of you. Are you hearing what I am saying? My faith says that you are of eternal value made in the image of God. I want to build you up today and affirm you in your creative work.
I go through three levels to help you cultivate an audience and help you build a sustainable creative career.
I refer to an
op-ed by Taylor Swift.
Thanks for tuning in!

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