Genesis Explained - Part I


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The Grain Offering Ep. 1

What happens when you take two seminary trained brothers, sit them down and give them beer? They will end up talking about what makes the Bible unique, bizarre, controversial, weird, and wonderful all at the same time. This is the Grain Offering.

Join us for the very first episode of the Grain Offering as our hosts, Jeff and Jeremy, dive into the first half of the book of Genesis.

On this episode, they will focus specifically on the first half of Genesis. They will be focusing specifically on Creation, the Fall, the Flood and Abraham. Along with talking about these stories in depth, Jeff and Jeremy will be tackling some questions that are often asked when reading these narratives. Below are the stories and questions that will be covered in the episode.


Creation (Ch.1-2) - Did It take God 7 literal days to create the universe?

Fall (Ch. 3-5) - Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden?

Flood (Ch. 6-10) - Why did God choose to start over?

Abraham (Ch.11-20) - Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son?

If you have questions of your own about these stories, drop them in the comment section below and Jeff and Jeremy would be happy to answer them!


Jeff - Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock

This beer comes from one of the oldest operating breweries in the world. It Is a nice compliment to studying the origins of the Israelite people in the book of Genesis.

Jeremy - Fat Tire Amber Ale

Jeremy picked the beer which was in his refrigerator.


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