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Exodus Explained

The Grain Offering Ep. 3

Why is Exodus such an important book? Why does it play a central role in the Israelite history? These are just a couple of the questions we’ll be exploring on this week’s episode of the Grain Offering. Jeff and Jeremy will be doing a deep dive into the book of Exodus and tackling some of the complexities of this crucial book.

Understanding Exodus can help unlock the Old Testament. The story of the Exodus is constantly brought up throughout the Old Testament as a way for the Israelites to remember what God had done for them by bringing them out of slavery. Exodus sets the stage for the rest of the Old Testament and serves as an origin story of how and why the Israelites came to be in the Promised Land.

Join Jeff and Jeremy as they crack open a cold one and talk about Exodus.



The Early Life of Moses (Ch. 1-4) – Is it easy to overlook Moses’ murder of the Egyptian?

The Plagues and the Exodus (Ch. 5-15) – Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart?

The Red Sea and the Law (Ch. 16-24) – Why does Israel complain so much?

Instructions for the Tabernacle (Ch. 25-40) – Why all the restrictions/purifications?

If you have questions of your own about these stories, drop them in the comment section below and Jeff and Jeremy would be happy to answer them!



Jeff – Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Exodus talks a lot about the Promised Land being a land flowing with milk and honey. Jeff chose this beer to compliment the idea of the Promised Land.

Jeremy – Anchor Steam Lager

Jeremy ran out of Fat Tire.



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