Episode 203 - Pokemon Legends Arceus Looks Kinda Good?


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Hey everyone! Apologies if this episode sounds out of date, that's because it is! We recorded this one a while ahead of release because Bally was getting married. However we still got plenty of games to talk about, including Pokemon Legends Arceus and the new footage shown in a recent Pokemon Presents showcase - it's definitely growing on us. Nbz meanwhile has been puzzling around in Lego Builders Journey, a branded game with a heart of gold, while Bally has played through the short but sweet adventure Florence on Switch. Nbz has also been taking an RPG history lesson with Soul Blazer, an oft forgotten game from Quintet, the creators of Act Raiser, and begins his journey in playing all three games in the "Quintet Trilogy." After the break we take some of your emails about how our thoughts have evolved on games since we played them and what are the best video game romantic match ups that we can concoct.
00:02:42 Pokemon Presents
00:18:28 Dodgeball Academia
00:20:19 Lego Builder's Journey
00:30:05 Florence
00:35:52 Soul Blazer
00:50:20 Games we like less/more now than when we played them
01:08:05 Shipping Video Game Characters
01:16:33 Outro
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