EP 381: Naked Life Story - Lauren


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As a child in a family where alcoholism ran rampant, Lauren used to pour bottles of wine down the drain and break packs of cigarettes. There was emotional neglect in her home and by fourth grade she was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Lauren felt the pain, loneliness, and pressure to be perfect, all while keeping her family’s secret. Alcohol had been a turn off for Lauren, but in college she slowly fell into binge drinking. Despite her high GPA and marathon training, Lauren’s drinking was the talk of the next day and her behavior was the butt of drinking jokes. After college, her drinking escalated - Lauren romanticized drinking and being lost and not having it all together as an escape from the perfection she felt expected to portray. The double life felt gross, but she couldn’t get her drinking under control. Lauren had 35 day ones. Listen to hear what finally changed, how she stopped drinking, and what life looks like now.

Lauren also tells her story, "Young, Wild, and Stuck," in This Naked Life: 48 True Stories of Finding Freedom from Alcohol.

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