Struggling with the Church


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Many people struggle with the church. We go and it feels plastic. Inauthentic. Or it seems like the church is full of people who understand themselves to be crushing it. And so, it doesn’t seem there is a place for the weak or miserable sinner. As a result, many people are disenchanted with the church. Where did all this come from? Is there something better?

Semper Reformanda Podcast: Jon and Justin talk about the corporate nature of everything in the life of the church. We survey Ephesians 4 and consider the language of the Scripture and the ordinary means of grace.


Semper Reformanda Podcast

Podcast Transcript

Jon Moffitt: Hi, this is Jon. Today on Theocast, we are talking about the struggle with the modern church. If you’ve walked in and you feel like it’s plastic, it’s cold, you feel disconnected, you look around and you feel like an alien, we want to talk about that and why we have those struggles. Stay tuned.

Today is a conversation that you and I seem to have almost every week. We are trying to shepherd people that are coming into our context in our church and help them, I would say, find out what it looks like to find not only rest in Christ, but truly rest within the community of Christ, which is the design of God. Jesus died for the church and Paul dedicated his life for the church, and I think the entire New Testament is focused and centered on what the local New Testament church looks like in a fallen, sinful world. How does the gospel go forward in our context and in the world?

Justin and I grew up in very different backgrounds; his was mo

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