"Eraserhead" by David Lynch


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Prepare to carve tiny, man-made chickens before cutting away the mysterious bandages of David Lynch’s first cinematic child; “Eraserhead”. Join us as we vivisect the religious, occult and sexual symbolism rife throughout the film as we reveal the meaning behind Eraserhead’s various characters, stilted dialogue and strange dream language in a coherent dialogue about life’s horrors, the sins of fatherhood and escaping the wheel of suffering. Find out what makes “Eraserhead” David Lynch’s most spiritual film.

On this week’s episode we discuss:
-David Lynch
-Why Babies are Terrible
-The Man in the Moon
-The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe
-The Kabbalistic Sphere of Yesod
-The Hermit Tarot Card
-Woman in the Radiator
-Tiny Man Made Chickens
-The Horrors of Fatherhood
-Transcendental Meditation
-Biblical Symbolism
-Apartment 2416
-Granny Tossing Salad
-The Headless One
-The Eraser Scene
-The Cosmogonic Egg

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David Lynch:

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