50- Goal Getter- Evaluate your goals and learn how to discover if they are right for you.


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Episode 50: Goal Getter

WOW…..Can y’all believe we are on episode 50 already?

Time really just flew by!!!

Is it time for you to pursue you’re your goals sis?

Are the goals you have even right for you?

Do you even know why you want to achieve the goals you have?

Not sure about any the above questions? No problem….I GOT YOU!

In this episode we dig into goal evaluation so you can determine if the goals you have are truly what you want to pursue.

In this episode I give you 3 simple questions to ask yourself regarding your goals to determine if they make sense for you to pursue.

Don’t know yet what you want to do or really have any solid goals? No problem sis….I GOT YOU TOO! Ill give you some tips as well!

If you’re a woman on a mission to design the life you desire…..THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU SIS!

Love y’all!

Be beautiful, Live Beautifully, and Be Well!


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