The Sacred Wisdom & Beauty of Indigenous Australia | Noel Butler: Aboriginal Elder #064


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Uncle Noel Butler is an indigenous elder of the Yuin Nation (South Coast New South Wales).

As a child he spent the days in the bush, hiding from government authorities as they were taking children away from their parents.
He was living off the land and the ocean, in absolute communion with the environment that surrounded him and his community.

Uncle Noel delivers his knowledge on Aboriginal Culture generously with passion and urgency.

Indigenous and Aboriginal culture holds immense value for everyone living on earth, even more so in these times where we find ourselves increasingly alienated from nature.

This sacred wisdom is so relevant to the modern man - practical knowledge to live a richer life in greater health, individually and collectively.

🌿 The scarce accessibility to aboriginal wisdom
🌿 Life expectancy for indigenous men
🌿 Communing with nature as a way of life
🌿 How to foster a mindstate of positivity
🌿 Uncle noel's childhood
🌿 The power of fire and the mysticism that surrounds it
🌿 Dhurga - the language of the Yuin Nation
🌿 The alleged "discoveries" of European settlers
🌿 Aboriginal cave paintings
🌿 Bush fires: why they happen, their consequences and how to prevent them
ABOUT OUR GUEST: Uncle Noel Butler
Noel Butler is an Aboriginal (Budawang) Elder of the Yuin Nation, South Coast NSW, Australia.
He is a qualified teacher and mentor and has been working as a Cultural Educator for over 30 years.
He has experienced firsthand Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history, lifestyle, society and shares it all around the world.
Conservation is his forte. He grew up in south coast NSW in a family of 8 who was living off the land in the bush.
His knowledge has been passed down from his Elders to enable a sustainable lifestyle even in today's modern world.
Uncle Noel delivers his knowledge on Aboriginal Culture generously with passion and urgency.

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