136: How Christian Meditation Can Help a Teen Girl Renew Her Thought Life with Sarah Geringer


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Christian meditation for teens is a wonderful way for teen girls and teen boys to learn how to renew their minds and grow closer to God. If you’ve ever wondered how to help your kids overcome negative thoughts, today’s conversation with Sarah Geringer offers great insight on how to help our kids manage toxic thoughts using the power of God’s word.


  • [2:41] What is Christian meditation?
  • [3:42] The need to help teens manage their minds
  • [5:20] How anxiety manifests in teens versus in adults
  • [10:31] How parents can introduce Christian meditation to their teens
  • [19:05] Providing opportunities for teens to process and manage their thoughts
  • [21:48] Facilitating conversations that can transform teens’ thought lives
  • [24:48] Welcoming in God’s word through Christian meditation


How can I be happy for a situation and frustrated by it at the same time? What do I do with my conflicting emotions?


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