130: How to Practice Love in Action in Everyday Life as a Christian with Somer Colbert


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What can practicing love in action look like? Is loving others or being “the hands and feet of Jesus” just a nice term we throw around in Christianity? This is something that really challenged me recently, and I encourage you to take some time to think about it as well.

In today’s conversation with my friend Somer Colbert, we boil it down to what exactly it means to love in action. We also discuss how we get in our own way, as well as what God is really requiring of us, when it comes to loving well.

Somer is a leader of an online ministry called Ahavah in Our Hearts. She has an amazing Facebook community, she is on Instagram, and she also has a podcast called Love Where You Are.This conversation really encouraged and inspired me, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


  • [1:42] Somer’s online ministry, Ahavah in Our Hearts
  • [4:14] Putting love in action and loving tangibly, so that the gospel can be spread
  • [6:33] Obstacles to putting love in action and to loving the way we are called to do
  • [9:41] The mindset that underlies the ability to love
  • [11:29] What God is asking of us regarding our time and energy
  • [15:02] The process of being aware of, and learning to obey, prompting from the Lord
  • [18:07] Giving yourself grace during difficult seasons - you are making a difference
  • [25:12] Continuing to love through times of overwhelm and low energy
  • [28:08] Setting boundaries: receiving God’s love before giving it to others
  • [35:57] Putting love in action for the people closest to you


This episode mentions the I Am Loved Bible Study, and I highly recommend this as a next step.

This Bible study is a powerful four-week course packed with video teachings on the topic of love. We talk about the number one question that women ask about God’s love: I know God says He loves me, but why don’t I feel it in my heart? The Bible study can help you to understand and explore what is keeping you from God’s love.

You can uncover the obstacles by spending each day in God’s words and letting His scriptures speak to you through my Bible study program, The Spiritual Growth Rhythm™. These worksheets allow us to break down a verse, understand it, apply it, recognize God at work, and release any fear or worry you may have.

It is a great way to be not just in God’s word, which of course is incredibly powerful, but to also communicate with God - to see how He is changing you and to be able to release the things that you are working through.

Go HERE to sign up for the I Am Loved Bible Study.

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