129: How to Identify Toxic Thinking Patterns and Break Free from Negative Thoughts


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Today we’re talking about overcoming negative thoughts - and if you struggle with negative thoughts, then you know that you cannot just get rid of them! You have probably tried to stop them, but for whatever reason, they feel like they’re stuck in your mind.
I want to help you understand why that is happening, and why it’s related to subconscious thought patterns you may be struggling with.
We will be talking about some of those subconscious thought patterns, or core soundtracks, whether they are toxic or not, and determining if we want to keep them or if there is something we want to rewire and build up with the truths of God.
I’m going to walk you through a specific process of helping you to identify what some of those might be, and taking a first step to be able to find healing from it.

Obviously we can’t address everything about this topic because this is something that is way bigger than just one podcast episode, but I want you to know that if you are struggling with overcoming negative thoughts, you are not alone.
All of us struggle with negative thoughts sometimes and I want you to understand why you may be stuck and how to find true freedom from negative thoughts. I also want to give you some practical tips to move forward.


  • [3:57] Brain Science 101: How a thought forms in the brain
  • [6:19] The brain’s job is to keep us alive and safe
  • [6:42] How our thoughts affect our actions
  • [10:07] Why we can have a thought in our logical mind and not believe it in our subconscious mind
  • [13:00] The three big questions that our brain answers in the late childhood/early teen years
  • [17:13] The importance of self-compassion in overcoming toxic thought patterns
  • [20:45] Promises of God that give comfort as we break free from negative thought patternsNEXT STEP RESOURCES:

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