Marysia Miernowska: Healing Humanity With Plant Spirits


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Why do we feel burnt out? Marysia Miernowska explains that our extractive capitalist culture is to blame. The modern world equates self-worth to productivity, pushing people to work past their limits. It’s not just our bodies that are suffering, but the Earth as well. To combat burnout, we must value rest. We must re-learn the pace of growth and healing—processes which take time. We cannot recover faster than the pace of recovery.

During rest, take the opportunity to reconnect with the self and with nature. All of life is made of the same soil as the Earth. The interconnected web of life is the reason we exist. One of the ways we can establish a relationship with the Earth is through plant work. Something as simple as preparing tea from specific herbs can help us feel grounded. The world conditions us to chase after highs and instant gratification. But what we really need is to be present in the moment, to remember our values, and to be compassionate to all beings. By allotting time to heal, we can prevent depletion of ourselves and of natural resources.

Marysia is an Earth activist, folk herbalist, and director of The School of the Sacred Wild. She apprenticed with Sage Maurer of The Gaia School of Healing. As a medicine maker, Marysia grows organic and biodynamic herbs in Malibu. She co-founded Rituel Beauty and formulates products for other ethical companies such as Foria. She is also the author of The Witch's Herbal Apothecary.

What we discuss:

03:04 - Embodying the living earth

08:36 - Sacredness in the mundane

12:04 - Marysia’s herbalism journey

20:38 - Bringing balance to our bodies and the earth

28:55 - How to slow down

34:04 - Groundedness, grief, & disconnect

40:37 - Genuine “pro-life” and herbal abortions

47:22 - We are medicine

52:49 - What's the message of the Divine Mother to us?

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