Step Counts & Cardio for Fat-Loss - How much does it help? ft. Lyle McDonald


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Lyle McDonald and I talk through everything (or most of) what you should know about increasing your daily step count, doing more cardio, or doing anything in general to burn more calories. How much will it help to get and stay lean, and how should you implement it practically to your lifestyle? 0:00 - intro 1:14 - Moving more vs eating less for fat-loss: an overview 7:00 - Compensation after cardio - do you burn less calories later? 14:17 - Appetite and cardio - do you get hungrier if you burn more calories? 18:56 - Constrained energy expenditure (Pontzer model, and the Hadza studies) 31:02 - Join my coaching system! 31:47 - Do you burn less calories with cardio over time? 35:19 - Step counts and pedometers and their utility 44:50 - The caloric boost of doing more steps 1:00:30 - Getting a treadmill, using stimulants and ultra high step counts 1:14:35 - Summary of takeaways and practical tips 1:25:25 - Where can we find you? To apply to the new round of group coaching, you can book a time at: Or drop me an email to abel.csabai [at] Angles 90 grips: Coupon code for 10% off ABELC10 insta: @ssdabel Lyle's resources: Website: Bodyrecomposition Group:

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