My Strength Standards continued with real life examples (+What about relative strength?)


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Todays video is a followup to the previous one on strength standards to look like you lift. We address many relative strength better than absolute strength to measure how advanced you are? Why is your experience different with strength levels and muscularity than what I outlined? What are my strength levels currently with my current physique? And a few more interesting things. 0:00 - intro 0:39 - reactions on my first video 1:48 - Average values vs your specific case 3:13 - Relative strength vs absolute loads 9:09 - Upset reactions for not reaching the strength standards I listed 11:21 - Real life example of Mario Tomic and Thomas Campidell 16:02 - Geoffrey Verity Schofield vs Pascal Flor (Deceptive strong and deceptive muscular people) 20:28 - How often you do a particular lift is a big confounder 22:11 - People who don't lift for strength are still strong as f**k if they are very muscular 27:05 - How strong am I? 39:40 - Conclusion Coaching and consultations: insta: @ssdabel Rotating handle I recommend: Angles 90 grips:

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