How I Train At The Moment - And How I Recommend YOU To Train


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In todays video I’m giving you an overview of how I train at the moment, and I will contrast that to how I would recommend others to train whose goal is to build the most amount of muscle possible. At the moment my main priority is not to build muscle in the most efficient way possible, in fact I’m happy if I just maintain for the time being. Some things however you could still implement from the way I train and could benefit you, even if your goal is to grow in the most effective/efficient way possible. Some of the other things...not so much. 0:00 - intro 1:57 - how my training is structured - general overview 8:01 - things I do in my training that could benefit you (if you want to build muscle) 8:20 - effort/volume 10:18 - muscle group specificity and overlap between movements 17:09 - no minimum per session volume 19:14 - no exercises on a piedestal 20:37 - pairing exercises up - training in a circuit-like fashion 22:52 - Things I do that you definitely DON’T want to do (if you want to build muscle) 23:14 - not focusing on progression in the lifts and lack of tracking 25:55 - waay too flexible scheduling of workouts 28:17 - fluctuating training volume week to week 29:49 - not tracking body-composition 30:39 - not eating enough to grow (hardgainers and advanced lifters, pay attention) 33:01 - conclusion Coaching and consultations: Angles 90 grips: insta: @ssdabel

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