185: Exploring time off from alcohol with Jillian Anthony of Cruel Summer Book Club


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Hey Soothers! As you might know, I'm wrapping up 90 days off alcohol (and caffeine and gluten as well). I've talked about this previously on the podcast and written about it on the Sunday Soother newsletter, and today, I invite on past Soother guest and all around delightful person Jillian Anthony, who recently did six months without alcohol, for a conversation around this topic.

Jillian and I share our previously complicated relationships with alcohol, what made us both decide to do these extended periods of sobriety, tips we used to navigate this time without alcohol, how or if we plan to return to alcohol, and lots more.

Jillian runs a wonderful newsletter and podcast, Cruel Summer Book Club, about exploring change and living well. You can also find her on Instagram @jillathrilla.

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