If It's Not Eternal; It's Too Short:


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Ep #22 If It's Not Eternal; It's Too Short - Take Time for Soul Searching: Taking a Respite from The World There are times where we all need to take a respite from the world and do some deep "spring cleaning" in our very own heart, mind, body and spirit! In this episode Karyn shares some thoughts and scriptures that extend the call for deeper personal reflection on the inner world of the spirit. There are many points to ponder including "The Pure Love of Christ vs. The Lust of the Flesh". Far too often, our lives become so busy with the "rhetoric" of our busy schedules that we may find ourselves overlooking the need to re-connect to our very own souls in a much deeper way; especially, spiritually and emotionally. Taking a "respite from world" can be a good thing! Creating a "time out" for oneself can afford each one of us a chance to spend more time in meditation, prayer and pondering about our soul purpose. We can use this time to journal deeper and get to the "heart of the matter". Are you experiencing loneliness for a deeper spiritual connection that you long to have with God? In this episode, Karyn shares excerpts from her own personal pondering, her need to ask herself deeper questions. Asking ourselves questions can result in a spiritual and emotional cleanse from emotional toxicities that have been building up inside. Listen to this podcast if you are ready to begin asking yourself more questions and getting to the root of the issue that may be blocking your joy. Note: The end result to become willing to ask yourself introspective questions and to take the time to listen intuitively to your own answers is that you just might end up clearing a path for more love, more joy and more inner peace! Herein this podcast, Karyn asks herself questions like: 1. What is the pure love of Christ vs. the lust of the flesh? 2. Has the ministering of angels ceased in my life and if so, what can I release so that I can enjoy the gift of spiritual experiences? 3. Have miracles ceased in my life and if so, how may I begin claiming them again? 4. How can I achieve inner peace on a deeper soul-satisfying level? 5. What attitudes can I release to the Lord so that I may experience a greater softening of the Spirit? And many more!

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