Enlightened Journey: Feasting Upon The Pure Love of Christ


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Ep #18 Enlightened Journey: Feasting Upon The Pure Love of Christ In this uplifting podcast, Karyn shares a portion of her Christ-Centered Coursework, "Enlightened Journey: A Woman's Journey to Wholeness". But, men! Don't let this stop you from listening in! Every one of us has a beautiful path to walk in reclaiming the softness, the tenderness, the gentleness of our true divine natures. As Karyn shares her fourteen steps for reclaiming a sense of divine femininity, the podcast rolls into a song, "Chain of Daisies" which becomes a catalyst for releasing the burdens and responsibilities which may have layered upon our hearts and minds in the very process of becoming an "adult"! Where did all those simple joys of childhood go? Karyn's song, "Chain of Daisies" can be experienced best by relaxing, reclining and applying your favorite essential oils under your nose. With each breath you take, let your heart and mind sink deeply into relaxation and feel your soul being refreshed and renewed... Breathe in deeply. As you inhale each breath, allow your mind to energetically shift into a state of creative-consciousness-awareness. Let the imagery-inducing-lyrics of this song begin accessing and activating a sense of well-being for heart, mind, body and spirit. Feel your emotions (any lower vibrational states) begin to shift to higher vibrational emotions such as; hope for the future, happiness in the present moment and a renewed sense of wholeness by releasing the past! The remaining 45 minutes of this podcast becomes a journey for reclaiming the gift of joy in a mortal body! With each of the seven "reclamations", do some deep breath-work by exhaling the emotions that no longer serve you now and by inhaling all the love, joy and peace that can now nurture and enliven every living cell of your whole soul. Note: These segments can be experienced one at a time, (while breathing in your essential oils and journaling) or all at one sitting.

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