U.S. Military Leaders Testify On Afghanistan, Contradict Biden


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Senators grill top United States military leaders on chaotic Afghanistan exit and the military leaders contradict President Joe Biden. They say that they thought 2,500 troops should stay in Afghanistan. Military leaders acknowledge missteps in Afghanistan exit.

Centcom chief warns War on Terror isn't over.

A top United States general defends China and calls in former President Donald Trump's final days. He says he personally informed senior officials of call to China. Gen. Milley says that that the United States evacuation from Afghanistan was "a logistical success, but a strategic failure." Milley says he wouldn't resign because his advice was not followed. The Pentagon chief says that he "didn't plan for Afghanistan [to] collapse in 11 days." Milley says he is "not qualified" to determine Trump's mental health.

Wolf Blitzer has a one-on-one with former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton on Trump's "peace deal" with the Taliban.

Divided democrats are heading for a showdown over the Biden agenda. Biden tries to salvage endangered agenda.

Former President Barack Obama breaks ground on his presidential center. Biden scraps Chicago travel plans as his legislative agenda hangs in the balance.

Pfizer submits data to FDA on vaccine for young children.

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