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This episode is worth the wait folks!
I am really excited to bring you Jaguar, a man that came highly recommended to me and after this interview, you will understand why. This conversation is a reminder that everything exists within, if only we get out of our way. The body is the subconscious mind and Jag frees people from the tight constraints causing suffering, bringing the unconscious into conscious so we can create space and freedom within.

Jag is a man who helps and supports people who are suffering trauma, particularly sexual trauma. He helps people identify their core trauma/s and break the patterns that hold them back, by dissolving the energy which has been trapped. He helps people to love themselves by removing whats in their way - the self doubt, self hatred and victimisation so people can realise the true essence of what they are, which is LOVE and love is acceptance.

After retreating into what was a deep path of soul searching, Jaguar decided to change his environment and moved to a farm in the mountains in New Zealand. During this time he decided to take a new path and explore becoming a therapist to help people work through the very thing he had walked himself. Jag discovered at the root core of everything that guided his repetitive patterns, his behaviours, sabotage, a deep lack of fulfilment, and everything that was keeping him stuck, was a core wounding of emotional trauma.

Jag keeps things very reals and offers some great insights, advice and understanding of physics and vibration especially around the experiences we keep attracting again and again until we break the pattern AND how we you can do this. Taking full responsibilities for your feelings you become powerful in every situation. So many great tools he uses to address trauma and release trapped emotions and energy, which he shares in this interview.

Powerful interview with this beautiful man.
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