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Today’s guest is the vibrant and inspiring Emma Goldie, who I was introduced to last year. Emma is a Meditation, Mindset and Lifestyle Mentor, working with busy professionals to reset, restore, activate and become aligned to their soul purpose through polarity balancing, meditation and lifestyle navigation. Emma’s mission is to help people navigate the easiest path toward harmony and alignment, without having to change everything, meditate for hours a day or throw relationships off balance.

Emma talks about her 5 day reset mindset exploration series, where you will discover bio hacks to overcome interrupting mental and emotional patterns. She teaches people simple meditation hacks and techniques so they can life life in flow state in only 10 minutes each day. The 5 day reset mindset teaches you to make peace with the past and release blame of self and others and stepping into a new space with clarity. Connecting with yourself and life with conviction and courage!

Emma talks about energy, something I am personally working with at the moment. How important it is to get the energy moving before you meditation and why this is effective and how you can do this.

We both share some personal stories about our spiritual journey, the suffering and feeling of loneliness one can feel when you go on this path. How things can manifest in your body if you are not listening to the clear messages or signs to step onto your path of purpose or if you are out of alignment.
This is where Emma comes into play as your lifestyle mentor or coach. She supports you to clear the way and set your mind free!
You can connect with Emma at:

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