Motherhood & Sensuality with Regan Figg


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40 | Motherhood and sensuality. In today's very patriarchal society, many people are made to feel like the two don't go together. There is this steeped view that mothers cannot be sensual or sexual beings. Many parents, especially mothers, have reached out to me and shared about their struggle with finding space for sensuality, so I brought in a guest expert that can speak on my favorite topic through the lens of motherhood.

Regan Figg is a Pleasurepreneur and Feminine Embodiment Coach. She helps women deepen their connection with their bodies, know, live & succeed from their feminine essence and lead with pleasure - in business, in motherhood, in relationship. Through the pathway and practices of sensuality, Tao Tantric arts, NLP, embodiment, and yogic practices, Regan mentors women through her uniquely curated Pleasure Preneur Mastermind, online programs, and private 1:1 coaching packages. Regan is here to be her embodied, liberated, sovereign Goddess self and inspire others to be the same.

In our chat today, we explored how new mothers can tap back into sensuality with ease. The problem with the Madonna-whore dichotomy, finding time for pleasure practices, how to be more present with yourself and your children, and setting an example of an embodiment for your children. Today's episode is for all the parents out there, anyone aspiring to be a parent or just helpful for anybody who knows people who have kids; we love a little bit of empathy around here.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The Influence the Madonna-whore complex has had on Mothers as sexual beings
  • Reconnecting and fostering a relationship with your body and senses post-pregnancy
  • Common belief systems that block mothers from accessing pleasure and the process of reframing these beliefs
  • Following your pleasure and the positive impacts that can have on your children
  • Tapping into your senses and learning to be present with your children

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