Erotica, but Not as You Know It with Carly Pifer


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46 | For many of us, especially those who identify as women or vulva owners, our arousal doesn't get sparked simply by the visual. It's the tease, the setup, the anticipation that gets us going to be intellectually stimulated. Enter erotica, but not as you know it. I'm so excited in this episode to introduce you to Carly Pifer, founder and editor in chief of Aurore. Aurore is a modern literary erotica site that shares real sex stories written by women and queer people. Aurore is designed to turn you on and help others get turned on through sharing true stories of people's sexual experiences.

Aurore is an inclusive feminist space for modern, relatable, and honest erotica. Carly works one-on-one with the writers to draw out their most intimate experiences through a cathartic, enlightening process that is so much fun to read. In this episode, we explore the fascinating origin story of Aurore, the difference between reading and watching porn, the importance of long-form erotica, the therapeutic benefit of writing your own stories, how reading other's experiences can enhance your own, and so much more.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Origin Story of Aurore
  • Reading real stories & questioning your conditioning
  • How Aurore is different from visual porn
  • Enhancing your own experience through Aurore

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