How to do our self work and why it is so important


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Welcome to the Self Work Is Cool AF Show with @lizforshaw & @laurieonanadventure.

There is only one way to get everything we want in life. Whether it be inner happiness, career or relationships, working on ourselves is the key to it all. Here on this show we discuss real life scenarios and solutions to overcome what we all face on a daily basis.

Your host Liz is a Psychologist & author with over a decade of experience. A social entrepreneur creating innovative services that change lives globally. Liz has worked with clients in over 15 countries and continues to expand as she travels the world.. solo.

Here’s a message for you from Liz herself…

I help you remember who TF you are and create the life you were meant to live. Making self work cool AF 🔥

Come & find out more about my personal journey on my instagram @lizforshaw or Facebook.

Feel confident & motivated 👇

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I am so excited for you to begin your best self journey ❤️ Let’s heal, learn and grow together forever.

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