Episode 15: Carcosa Baby Jesus (Interdimensional Horror)


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Since we first started compiling potential topics for "if we ever start a podcast," one of the earliest entries was an episode based around interdimensional horror movies, which Nick dubbed "Piercing the Veil." With the release of the Scream Factory special edition of Event Horizon, this seemed like a perfect time for that theme! Our four movies are Event Horizon (which we hope you've seen before you hit "play," or the episode intro will be extra perplexing), Banshee Chapter, Mr. Jones (with special guest Justin Dow from Eerie Earfuls!) and The Void. What ensues is a lengthy chat about the original script for Event Horizon, some found-footage-ish horror, cinematic swiss cheese, the Jack Kirby Sandman and much much more. And you get to meet our new sponsor! We hope you enjoy the episode, and please also check out Eerie Earfuls which is a fabulous podcast. And as always, thanks so much for listening!! CW: both Event Horizon and Banshee Chapter have plot points involving suicide, which are discussed in the review. TIMECODES: Event Horizon = 00:05:51 Banshee Chapter = 02:00:23 Mr. Jones = 03:02:48 The Void = 04:21:12

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