Optimizing Women’s Health for Every Hormonal Stage - With Dr. Jodi Duval


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This episode is all about how we live in a reactive healthcare system. Dr. Jodi explains how a world of health optimization requires a proactive approach to your health.

Jodi is the principal Naturopath at Revital Health with over a decade of clinical experience, she is the CEO of HOMe/HOPe Australia, lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health, podcast host, and is completing her Masters in Human Nutrition.

Jodi specialises in Health Optimization and Practice (HOMe/HOPe), she combines traditional forms of medicine with cutting edge scientific research to detect and correct subtle deficiencies and toxicities to treat the underlying causes of disease. She loves digging deep into peoples’ health, and uses a large range of functional and in-clinic testing to learn about her patients’ histories and genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

She creates uniquely personalized compounded medicines for each of her clients. She believes in offering personalized treatments to inform, educate, and empower clients in health and life. Everybody deserves to know how it feels to live with the best possible health, and that’s why Jodi is passionate and dedicated to the practice of HOMe/HOPe.

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