#268: New Perspectives on the Trucker Convoy—Richard Decarie


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Richard Decarie is a double anomaly: a practicing Catholic in secular Quebec, and a social conservative in “liberal Conservative/libertarian” circles.

Decarie, an entrepreneur and media influencer, was the major player responsible for getting former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s support for the PM role in French-speaking Quebec, and knows Canadian politics and its history inside out. He was also at the Ottawa mega-event featuring 50,000+ anti-mandate truckers from all across the country and parts of the US.

In this episode, you will learn
  • Why this convey event was convened (last minute!) and what it means for the elites who run Canada
  • What the Trucker vs Trudeau clash is really about
  • Why “freedom” is not the right goal to have if you want long term success
  • Anecdotes from on the ground at Parliament Hill
  • Why Decarie’s plain-spoken answers on television to a question about “being gay” got him bounced from the national leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party, and what t says about “conservatism” in Canada
  • Why he started Conservative Union what its goals are
  • How to reach Canadians about the Christian foundations of Canada
  • Why so many people are slowing waking up to the lies behind the scamdemic.
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