Who Do You Need To Become?


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Getting in the shape of your life is great! Achieving optimal physique and health is excellent! People put a great emphasis on looking great because first impressions matter. If we want to be successful, we must appear to be a success, and being in shape is a massive part of this. It is not something we can bypass. But if you haven't achieved these goals, there's no one else to blame but you. So stop blaming other people and other things. It's your fault. Accept that and move on. Those of you who cannot accept that will remain stuck exactly where you are. But if you choose to push forward, you must become the person you need to be to reach those goals. To better understand this reality, tune in as Andy explains this topic in great detail. Then think about what changes you can make from this moment forward. Your life is in your hands. And who you become is entirely up to you.

“Your life is in your hands, no one else's. It is, in fact, your fault and yours alone that you have not yet reached your goals.”
– Andy Naylor

In This Episode:

-The difference between the goal and who it will allow you to become

-What this could mean for you

-What's it going to take?

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