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How do you know if your training split is right for you and your goal? Did you just copy what someone else is doing or grab something from Google or YouTube? If your plan was not written specifically for YOU, then it most likely is nowhere near optimal for you and your goals. You'll end up with wasted effort with no actual results. So what must you do?

Today, Andy is starting a new training series focusing on the basics. Unfortunately, most people can't get the basics right before they go on to more advanced stuff and wonder why they go around in circles. This is the first episode in a 5-part series. So make sure you listen and discover how you can design the optimal training program for you.

“How do I work out what is the most optimal split for me? Because what's right for you is not right for me, is not right for someone else. It has to be individualized.”

– Andy Naylor

In This Episode:

-What is a training split? The What, Where, and How

-What options are available? There are endless options, and Andy presents some of those options.

-How do I work out what is optimal for me? First, you have to answer some questions, and then you can devise a plan that's right for you.

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