Nutritional Series 1 [Water and Hydration]


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How much water should you be drinking each day? And what should you be adding to it? In dealing with The Fundamentals of Nutrition, Andy reminds us that we are 75% water and that our good health depends on consuming it wisely. From regulating our body temperature to keeping our joints lubricated, and from preventing infection to helping with our digestion, the miracle of water cannot be underestimated. That said, it’s not simply a matter of guzzling down litres of water each day. Andy talks us through electrolytes and the value in getting good water into your body, in the right way.

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“The basics are still the things that need to be perfected. That starts with your calories, then your macros, and now, your water intake.” – Andy Naylor

In This Episode:

- Why water is so important for our bodies

- Unpacking electrolytes: what are they good for?

- Debunking the myth of a low sodium diet necessarily being good for you

- Where sodium goes, water follows it

- Calculating your daily water requirements

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