Nutritional Series 1 [Planning and Execution]


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Are you accountable for the food that you put into your body? Do you know where it comes from and do you know how many calories it adds up to? In this awesome episode of the Optimal Alpha, host Andy Naylor impresses upon us the importance of planning. What’s your goal and how many calories are required to achieve that goal? Andy explores how to fit meals into your life and learn what triggers you. Becoming a jedi master at the basics of nutrition requires logging your food before you eat it, and having an overall plan that informs your nutritional outlook. Let Andy show you how to liberate yourself - you have 2000 calories to spend!

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“We’re going to go into WHY plan, HOW to PLAN, and how to ADAPT and OVERCOME when the shit hits the fan.” – Andy Naylor

In This Episode:

- How to win at the shops! Don’t bring home rubbish food

- What are the macros involved that make up your caloric intake

- How to get better at portion control

- Evaluating your food choices: considering quality and amounts

- See your food in terms of numbers – not just what it looks like on your plate

- When is it best to eat? Recommended timing around training

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