EP 55 - When America Sneezes Everyone Gets A Cold - James Walkling


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James Walking is a police officer originally from the UK, but now lives and works in New Zealand. James is the second international officer to be on the podcast. The first was Tey Lynn-Jones, EPISODE 32

James has a interesting story that he shared. He started off by saying, giving his family background, he really shouldn't be in law enforcement.

He shared that he was raised in, what we in America call the "foster care" system, from age 6 to 18.

When he got out of the system at age 18, he lacked basic life skills and had no clue what he wanted to do, nor did he have the skills to do anything.

After coming to this realization at age 27, James decided to enroll in night school.

I shared with James, that his story is his testimony and he should use it to help those whose path he crosses during his career.


  • Father
  • 5 Years in law enforcement
  • Currently in engaged
  • Lives in New Zealand



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