Open Mike Q&A with Neil F Garfield


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Follow voice instructions when you dial in or connect via computer. You will be recognized in the order of your questions. * In 28 days, most moratoriums on foreclosures will expire, unless they are extended. That means that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of foreclosures will be filed or completed over the next year. And just like the 2008 meltdown, the securities brokerage firms that call themselves “investment banks” will be swarming like maggots over the carcass of millions of lives. * We start with a simple premise: money received by homeowners was an inducement to enter into a concealed transaction in which the homeowner was not intended to receive any benefits. YOU ASKED FOR A LOAN BUT NEVER RECEIVED A LOAN.It was not part of a loan agreement because the money was received from players who had no intention of being lenders subject to statute and who had no intention of maintaining a loan account receivable against which payments could be received and posted. DON'T GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!The attempt to get payment from homeowners is a concealed attempt to zero out the consideration paid to the homeowner for the concealed transaction. In short, the homeowner was attempting to purchase a loan with the note and mortgage but didn't get it. And the money paid to the homeowner was only temporary consideration for a concealed transaction in which the players received all the benefit and the homeowner took all the concealed risks.THE GOAL IN LITIGATION IS TO BAR INTRODUCTION OF EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU BY AGGRESSIVELY PURSUING THE DEFENSE NARRATIVE THAT THE OBLIGATION DOES NOT CURRENTLY EXIST ON THE BOOKS

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