How Zafarul helped Multi-Billion Dollar Companies to be more innovative and entrepreneurial


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In this episode, I have with me Zafarul Noordin who is the Founder of Andalus Adventures.

We talked about him partnering with Microsoft and Stanford University as well as how he helped the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Malaysia. He also talked about the amazing concept or ROA - Return On Akhirah. So it’s definitely one for you especially if you’ve dreamed of starting up your own business (within a few weeks) or even working with billion dollar companies.

Zafarul Noordin is the CEO and Founder of Andalus Ventures. He helps companies, entrepreneurs and investors succeed in their business endeavours and spiritual aspirations. He is known as the face of Lean Startup in Asia. He has been building companies since his college days and has been the Founder of a Multi-Million Digital Agency. He has also been chosen as a preferred partner by Microsoft and Stanford, and has helped multiple countries build up their local Startup Ecosystems as well as launch National Accelerator Programs. He has also worked with Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund and multi billion dollar companies to help them be more entrepreneurial and innovative.

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