Carol Ann Farino


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Episode 112 Carol Ann Farino
On the evening of November 3, 1966, 17-year-old Carol Ann Farino, a pretty, popular high school student left work at Milt’s Cup & Saucer in Maplewood, New Jersey, a small town just 10 miles west of New York City and began her regular walk home.
She never made it. Her dead body was found just a half-mile away, strangled with her own stocking and with signs of attempted sexual assault. Oddly, her purse and shoes were missing. For more than 50 years local police have been unsuccessful in their investigation, following hundreds of leads, interviewing dozens of friends and family and trying to determine who did this brutal crime and why. But another victim of the killing is Carol’s younger sister, Cynthia. Only 11 years old at the time, she has carried emotional scars, uncertainty, and pain from the ordeal for decades. In this episode, Cynthia discusses her sister's tragic death, and the aftermath. Author Joe Strupp also discusses the case, as well as his book about Carol's case- 'A Long Walk Home: A Young Woman's Unsolved Murder and Her Sister's Lifelong Search for Answers'
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