S1 Ep 8: Teen Horror - Battle Royale, Memento Mori and The Craft


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Welcome back to 'The Monstrous Feminine’ - the podcast where horrible humans talk about horror. In this episode the coven delves into the teen horror —and boy, does it get messy. 💋 As we reflect on this subgenre, we find ourselves pondering: are the depictions of teenage girls ever realistic in these movies? Is the horror genre just an excuse to explore young queer fantasies? Has anyone else noticed that the “not like other girls” girl is…exactly like other girls? Find out in this episode! Stay in the loop and go watch ‘Battle Royale’ (2000 dir. Kinji Fukasaku) ⚔️👑👩🏻‍🏫, ‘Memento Mori’ (1999 dir. Kim Tae-yong, Min Kyu-dong) 👻📖👯 and ‘The Craft’ (1996 dir. Andrew Fleming) ✏️🔮🐍. (P.S. Someone tell Rachel True to come on the pod and do a tarot reading with us!) You can find us on most platforms @themonstrousfemininepodcast, and on Twitter, @themonfempod. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts to be our next ‘Witch of the Week’. ✨ The Coven: Louisa, Mila, Tyia and Zeba Theme Music and Transitions by: Ruud Bemelmans ‘Witch of the Week’ Music by: Sebastian Pizzaro *CONTENT WARNING: discussions of suicide, violence, murder, explicit homophobia and racism, sexual assault, rape and paedophilia*

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