Amanda Seyderhelm: How Can Children and Adults Cope With Childhood Grief?


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How can we help our children understand grief and loss? How can we recover as adults, if no-one helped us make sense of grief and loss as a child?

Amanda Seyderhelm is an expert in innovative creative play therapy for children, and the author of a book called Helping Children Cope with Loss and Change. Amanda changed careers to work in play therapy after a life-threatening illness changed everything for her.

In this episode Amanda and Andrew discuss:

🌈 How to talk to children who are grieving.

🌈 How storytelling plays a part in personal and family grief.

🌈 Your “backpack of grief”: what’s inside, and how it’s affecting your life.

🌈 How children & adults learn to “grow around their grief” rather than recovering.

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