Josephine Worseck: Stress Reduction: TheTransformative Power of Cold Exposure


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Stepping into a bath of ice isn’t the obvious pastime for a Northern winter. But if you do it the right way, the extreme cold can be:

❄️ Empowering - diving in means turning off the voices of procrastination.

❄️ Relaxing - staying in the bath requires you to work on physical relaxation.

❄️ Mindful - the cold focuses you hard on the now.

❄️ And, extremely healthy - there is evidence for cardiovascular benefit.

Dr Josephine Worseck is a molecular biologist, yoga teacher, naturopath and exponent of cold exposure. The Wim Hof method she teaches is based on the three pillars of breathing, cold and mindset.

In this episode Josephine speaks with Andrew about what led her from a successful career as a scientist into a new life helping people find their true potential and lead the lives they want.

Andrew and Josephine also talk about the art of breathing, and take listeners through a powerful relaxation exercise.

Josephine Worseck is based in Potsdam, Germany. She spends her days teaching clients the benefits of cold exposure, and also guides groups up mountains, leads freezing outdoor swims and teaches yoga and breathing methods.

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