Daisy Turnbull: How to Talk to Teenagers


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Teenagers have a big reputation for being hard to talk to. How can you find that spark of connection with your teen? Is there a way to set up a channel of communication so that you can help them through the rough patches?

In this episode Andrew talks to Australian teacher and author Daisy Turnbull about her new book, 50 Questions to Ask Your Teens.

Daisy shares insights from her work as a teacher, as well as from her own teenage years growing up in a household where both parents had high-profile and demanding careers.

Building a habit of positive communication with teenagers is possible, according to Daisy. Strategies include:

⚡️Asking “what do you think about that?”, and “tell me more?”.

⚡️Having some family rituals, such as a gratitude practice around the dinner table.

⚡️Choosing your moment: car-trips are perfect as they don’t require direct eye contact and are timebound.

Andrew and Daisy also discuss the impact of social media on teens, building kids' independence and confidence, managing your career around your family and sharing parenting responsibilities.

Daisy Turnbull is an author, teacher, mother and Lifeline volunteer who lives in Sydney, Australia.

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