Mini LBD Collective Training - Mindset: What it is, Why it Matters, & How to Shift Towards Growth


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“Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.”

If you have spent any amount of time online then you have probably heard about mindset. Sometimes mindset can feel a little intangible which is why I took a deep dive this month in the LBD Collective into learning what exactly mindset means and why it does actually matter.

I like to equate the idea of mindset to going to the doctor’s office for an eye exam. Your doctor puts different lenses in front of your eyes, and you have to say which prescription is best. Each set of lenses may be marginally different, but you have to figure out which one is the best fit.

And I feel as if mindset is similar to those lenses. Your mindset is the lens through which you view the world, and you have the ability to shift them until you find the one that best benefits you.

In today’s conversation, we’ll talk about the six most studied mindsets paying particular attention to the growth vs fixed mindset, and how these mindsets exist on a continuum. Then we finish with how to move towards a growth mindset, why it matters, and the five different ways to shift your mindset going forward.


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