The Inflation Reduction Act Just Gave Me MonkeyPox


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On this week’s episode of the Liquidity Event we have special guest Ryan Furlong, CFP and senior financial planner join Shane for a deep dive into the Inflation reduction Act and a review of this weeks crypto goofs. After forgetting to mention the $80bn that the IRS is getting to audit HENRYs the boys revisit the incoming CPA drought and all the reasons why your eyes bugged out when the waiter brought the check this summer. Shane’s August budget is $0. The FBI raid on former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home distracted us from a second giant piece of legislation, the CHIPS act, which provides hundreds of billions of funding to the expansion of the domestic semiconductor industry. Shoutout to onshoring! Finally, the inflation boogeyman may be waning, we’re not sure, but at least gas prices are down 20% and flights are 10% cheaper! Book the ticket, take the ride. Or Slay. Whatever Gen Z is saying. We need an intern.



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