54. This is What Really Causes Belly Fat


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🧠 Belly fat is not what you eat, how you exercise, or your hormones, all of those things are downstream effects of your nervous system state. 01:00
💯 Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems affect adrenaline and creativity. 03:00
🌷 The more you can be in a state of ease and flow, the easier it's going to be to stay healthy. 05:00
🏃 Our nervous system responds well to a burst of stress: chronic stress affects decision-making and health practices. 05:44
💆 Prolonged stress can cause adrenaline resistance and other health problems: a calm brain helps cultivate good decisions and creativity. 11:57
🏋 Habits and practice can ensure good results when stressed. 14:55
💡 Awareness and acceptance are necessary for inspired action: "I have to lose weight" is adrenaline-inspired. 17:03
🌅 Taking inspired action from a place of ease and flow makes your brain work better and helps you make better decisions. 19:48


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