51. Michele Yasuda - Living in Alignment


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❔ What integrity and essence mean to Michele: being in our wholeness. 03:16
🧒 Michele’s “Jersey Girl” persona. 04:28
🎭 Relationship between persona and the essence through example. 06:19
👼 When the rude persona comes out vs. the overly nice persona. 09:38
🌸 To live with integrity, you have to know yourself. 11:09
🤷 How do I know what is the essence, true self, and persona? 12:39
🔁 If I'm not present at the moment, I'm out of sync. 15:03
😌 Moving in my essence pace gives me a sense of ease. 18:21
🌌 “I live in a friendly universe”: welcome to the easy world! 21:49
🧠 Sitting in silence is incredible for our brains: the ability to have the power of choice. 23:13
🤝 Moving, Eating, Purpose: using body intelligence. The body tells us so much. 25:04
🌷 It's okay to be out of alignment - be kind to yourself. 28:29
💭 If we don't allow negative thoughts, they can take over: welcome your thoughts and say the truth. 30:41
📣 Feel the body’s signals - give attention to them. 32:46
🏋️‍♀️ “I'm gonna find a partner who's gonna love my too muchness”. 34:50
☺️ If you are aligned with yourself, you can joyously lose weight. 35:49
🍔 Alignment and problems with overeating. 37:05
👫 Being in alignment is contagious - it's awesome for couples. 41:39
✨ No drug can compete with feeling in alignment. 43:53


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