45. Kelli Wingo - The Superpower of Ownership


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🤸‍♀️ A body is a living, breathing miracle – a cadaver is proof. 01:46
💡 Kelli is interested in and inspired by the human body. 03:19
🚘 We take better care of our cars than our bodies. 4:58
✨ Everyone has a mind, body, and spirit, but the combination of these three makes us unique. 06:05
🎆 If you don't understand the unique makeup of your mind, body, and spirit, there's a place in the universe that is missing you. 07:40
📋 How to harness uniqueness: superpower audit. 09:05
🚫 One of the rules: don’t take compliments away from yourself! 10:46
🎯 Have an ownership mindset in your personal and professional life by focusing on things you can control. 13:45
🎡 Influence, like life, is a journey. 16:27
👩‍👦 Toddler learning independency and parents’ ownership superpower. 18:00
😇 Perfection is an illusion: build resistance to find your strengths. 19:12
🌈 You have to train your mind to see opportunities. Use your kaleidoscope. 22:50
🤝 Owners should start with employees for better business and bigger revenue. 28:00


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